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Q: What is Compatible Cartridge?
A: Compatible cartridges are non-OEM new cartridges and manufactured by third parties (other than OEMs). They are made by a third party factory according to the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) specifications and are and fully compatible with OEMs.


Q: Do compatible toner cartridges last as long as new?
A: Yes. All of our toner cartridges are filled to maximum capacity and are carefully weighed before distribution.

Q: What does page yield mean?
A: Page yield is used to measure the approximate number of pages (at approximately 5% coverage per page) that you should be able to print with one cartridge.

Q: Why should I buy a compatible cartridge?
A: Compatible cartridges can save you a lot of money! Compatibles can be up to 50% cheaper than an original.

Q: Will the use of compatible toner cartridge void printer warranty?
A: No. There are unfounded claims of void warranty because of the use of toner refill kits or third-party consumables.

Q: Will the environment factor affect the printing quality of compatible toner cartridges?
A: The best storing temperature for cartridges to obtain best printing quality is 10- 33 centigrade, 20-80% humidity. If storing in high or low temperature/humidity for long time the printing performance will definitely affect.

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